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Potato peeling machine




Potato peeling machine can be applied to peel potato skin, different size potato.

Can be mixed together to peel quickly. The peeling is fast, save labor, and clean without crushing or crack, it’s a perfect machine for peeling and cleaning.


Working principle:

1. This potato peeling machine is combined by main body, hopper, feeding etc.

2. The feeding hopper choose stainless steel to ensure longterm use without rusting and no harm.

3. When the potatos put into the hopper, the rotating feeding plate rotate potatos and friction between each other, the peeling rate is higher because of the potato crushing the feeding hopper continuously, meanwhile with wash pipe to clean the peeled potato, the skins will be expelled from water.


Technical data:


Model TP-35 TP-45
Production capacity 240kg/h 750kg/h
Power 0.75kw(380v/50hz)
1.1kw( 220v/50hz)
Rotating plate dia 350mm 450mm
Main shaft speed 260rpm 260rpm
Size 780mmx510mmx1000mm 850mmx600mmx1100mm
Weight(kgs) 75kg 110kg


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