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    Vegetable/fruit processing machine - High efficient energy-saving type Full-automatic garlic peeling machine
    High efficient energy-saving type Full-automatic garlic peeling machine




    1. High efficient energy-saving type Full-automatic garlic peeling machine is our company's sole invention of the latest technology products.

    2. This machine won the national utility model and invention patents.

    3. It rejects the way of chain skinning and drum skinning method of other peeling machine on the market, but exclusive research and development of a kind of high peeling efficiency, use little pot of stripping technology.

    4. It makes the garlic peeling speed, high efficiency, saving gas, reducing the cost.

    5. Skinning 2 tons per hour of equipment, the total installed power of no more than 37 kw,is the 1/3 of existing garlic peeling machine’s power on market, Is a new technology of garlic peeling machine, also can replace existing product on peeling machine industry.

    6. This machine USES continuous conveyor, conveyor belt working fluid speed, equipment power voltage 220 v / 380 v, the motor power: 1.5 KW, Can be processed garlic1000-2000 kg/h.


    Working process:

    1. Artificial add garlic into the hopper on the conveyor belt automatically peeling garlic to the equipment.

    2. Garlic automatically split, automatic peeling: Automatically split of machine design, can make whole garlic into particle state automatically, then the quickly peeling.

    3. Skin without damage: A high degree of automation equipment, split skin without damage.


    Advantages and features:

    1. This machine adopts automatic mechanized operations, only need add not peeling garlic into the hopper, conveyor belt can transport garlic to the skin and peeling mechanism, equipment will automatic peeling.

    2. The peeling power of this machine is big, no matter garlic skin is thick or thin, loose or tight, or the refrigerated garlic that most difficult to peel can one-time stripped clean.

    3. This machine specially designed peel way, make after peeling garlic without injury.

    4. The machine production is high, can reach 500 kg to 2000 kg per hour.

    5. The machine can work with other machines such as garlic root cutting machine, slicing machine, cutting machine, dryer and other form a complete set of automatic assembly line of garlic processing equipment.


    Main data and price:


    Model SY-VIC2
    SY-VIC2 380/220
    Power(KW) 4.15kw
    The ratio of air compressor Air pressure: 8-10MPa
    air output: 4cubic
    Capacity(kg/h) 500-800kg/h by garlic
    Size(m) 4.05x2.0x1.52m
    Weight 700kgs


    Garlic product sample:
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