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     - Pellet packing machine
    Pellet packing machine

    Packaging Machinery



    Applicable scope:

    Used for continuous automatic quantitative packing of such particle materials as wheat, corn, rice, malt, oil plants, seed, chemical fertilizer, feedstock , bean residue and so on.


    Functions and Features:

    Integrate feeding material, weighting, bag clipping, bag packing, conveying and sealing.

    Automatic pack reduction and automatic calibration during the weighing each time.

    Have functions such as long-range controlling and trouble diagnosing, repairing, ultra difference alarms and so on.

    Adopt gravity feeding method internally inside the package to ensure high matering accuracy and fast packing speed.

    24-bit fast A/D converter and intelligent digital filtering technology, strong anti-interference, fast and stable.

    Weight meter adopts aluminum alloy enclosure, with high anti-interference performance and simple operation.

    Double CPU construction, with power down data protection inside the unit.

    Full enclosure design, negative pressure operation inside the unit, without dust escape, with clean environment


    Technical data:


    Model VIC-B25 VIC-B50
    Weighting range(kg/bag) 10-25 20-50
    Capacity(bag/h) 150-200bags 200-250bags
    Accuracy level 0.2
    Allowable error <=±0.2%
    Auxiliary air supply Pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
    Consumption: 0.3m3/min
    Auxiliary power supply AC220V±15%(50HZ3-7A)
    Auxiliary motive force 1.8kw
    Working temperature -20℃-40℃
     - PE Hot Shrinkable Packer
    PE Hot Shrinkable Packer

    Packaging Machinery




    Shrinkable packer is an advanced package method in world market nowerdays. It adopt to pack the shrink film on the goods or the surface of the package, then heating to make the packaging materials shrinking to cover the goods completely to improve the product exhibit and sell through packaging, and is damp-proof by sealing.



    1. VIC-series hot shrinkable packer is a latest type automatic continuous shrink package equipment, it adopt quartz tube/stainless steel tube, cooling fin to heat with long life , energy-efficient( power saving over 15%).

    2. VIC-series hot shrinkable packer adopt electric speed adjusting motor with wide range speed adjusting, load bearing weight can be over 40KG.

    3. Shrinking furnace adopt whole-sealed internal wind cycling equipment to make the product with good shrinking packaging effect.

    4. This equipment is with good new shape, easy operation and maintance, can be applied to hot shrinking packaging of any shrinking film.


    Technical data:


    Model VIC-5040 VIC-6040
    Conveyer width 465mm 565mm
    Shrink tunnel length 1500/1800mm 1500/1800mm
    Entrance height 500mmx400mm 600mmx400mm
    Entrance length 200mm 200mm
    Exit length 800mm 800mm
    Voltage power 380V 18kw 380V 22kw
    Size 2800×690×1075mm 2800×840×1375mm
    Weight 220Kg/250kg 270Kg/300kg
     - GD-2 oil filling machine
    GD-2 oil filling machine

    Packaging Machinery




    It can fill different kinds of edible oil, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseeds, salad oil, sesame oil, olive oil, lubricant, industrial liquid etc. it can be filled into barrel package or bottle package, it’s a perfect automatic production line for small packing oil.



    1.Unique design fills the anti-drip and suction system to ensure the production site and containers from pollution; 

    2.Digital tune the amount of instrumentation to facilitate the adjustment of the filling volume and levels of parameters; 

    3.PLC programmable control procedures, frequency conversion motor, more stable performance; 

    4.High-precision flow meter, to ensure filling accuracy is better than the national technical standards, error ≤ 10g. 

    5.Six in One adjustable filling head, filling bottles to adapt more. 

    6.Filling the first dive, for high bubble liquid filling. Pneumatic capping device, wide applicability, photoelectric sensors gland. 

    7.Original main pneumatic and electrical components are imported to ensure the system is stable and excellent quality. 

    8.Liquid form for delivery by pump fluid, greatly increase the production capacity. 

    9.Two-speed filling control technology, more user-friendly design. 

    10.Machine made of stainless steel, sanitary, and beautiful. 


    Technical data:

    Model:GD-2 auto-filling machine

    Measurement accuracy: ≤ 0.2% 

    Filling the first few: 2

    Operating voltage: 220V ± 10% 

    Power voltage: 380V ± 10% 

    Air pressure: 0.5MPa 

    Measuring range :500-6000ml 

    Capacity: 150 barrels / hour / head (5L) 

    Dimensions: 800mm × 1250mm × 2050mm

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