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     - QJ-35 block forming machine
    QJ-35 block forming machine

    Brick Making Machinery




    QJ-35 brick machine is a complete brick making line matched with the block making machine, mixer, mould, belt conveyer etc ,its especially used to make standard brick, and its strength much more higher than clay baked brick, if change the mould, it can make different standard brick, perforated brick etc. It’s with simple operation, reasonable structure, and easy maintenance.



    QJ-35 brick machine is a new type full auto brick making machine, it adopt the flat vibrating, mould vibrating and pressure vibrating to make the final product with evenly compactness and high strength. Unique fixed electric feeding equipment and strength feeding structure to ensure the quality of the brick. It’s with effective production and reduces labor, also can save power above 20% comparing to traditional brick machine.


    Technical data:


    Model QJ-35 brick machine(Block forming machine)
    Production Capacity Solid brick
    21pcs/mould 15000-20000pcs/8h
    Concrete brick
    4pcs/mould 3300-3900pcs/8h
    Cycle time 25-35s
    Main power 18.95kw
    Dimensions 2600x1800x2100mm
    Supporting plate size 850x480x30mm
    Vibration frequency 2800-4200rpm
    Weight 2500Kg
     - QT-15 block forming machine
    QT-15 block forming machine

    Brick Making Machinery




    QT-15 baking-free brick making machine is a new type brick machine with the advantage of high productivity, strong durability, high efficiency, height and compacted ness control function, strong vibrating, easy operation and maintenance etc.

    Control system: PLC intelligent control, adopt data conveying system, the controlling system is matched with safety control and diagnostic system, also have remote control function.

    Mould matched: one machine can match different mould, if change mould can make different standard hollow brick, perforated brick, and cement standard brick.


    Main data:

    Model: QT-15 Block forming machine

    Vibrating frequency: 4000-4800rpm

    Exciting force: 22KN

    Main power: 16kw

    Molding cycle: 15-20s

    Forming pcs: standard brick (390x190x190)     4pcs/mould

                        Standard brick (240x115x53)     26pcs/mould

                        Perforated brick (240x115x90)     12pcs/mould

    Layer board standard: 900x600x25mm

    Weight: 4000KG

    Size: 1000x3500x2500mm

     - SD-250 brick machine
    SD-250 brick machine


    SD-series brick machine is suitable for making clay brick for house building with raw materials are clay, blackland, mixing clay etc. the machine is combined with mxier, mud pie cutter, adobe slicer and water pump, the machine can be installed on the concrete foundation, falsework, wooden board or iron board.


    Technical data:
    Model:SD-250 brick machine
    Brick size:240*115*53mm(size can be adjusted according to demand)
    Power: 24hp engine/11kw motor
    Packing size(mm): 3100×1000×1300mm
    Weight: 900kg

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