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PT-2 Pellet Packing Machine




It can be used to gravimetric package the pellets such as salt, aginomoto, white sugar, seeds, grain, rice, feedstuff, additive, etc.

It can also be used to pack the materials which is not applicable with screwing, rotating etc loading way;

It also can be used to quantitative packaging of Chinese herbal medicine.



1. Electronic scale direct measure, to make the packaging more accuracy.

2. Micro-computer control with reliable use.

3. Double vibrating feeding with high efficiency.

4. Whole machine are stainless steel.


Main data:

Model: PT-2 Gravimetric packing machine

Packaging standard: 50g-2000g

Packaging speed: 1200-2000bags/h

Packaging accuracy: 0.5%

Power: AC220V 50Hz 500W

Size: 600×600×1850mm

Weight: 100KG

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