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QT-15 block forming machine




QT-15 baking-free brick making machine is a new type brick machine with the advantage of high productivity, strong durability, high efficiency, height and compacted ness control function, strong vibrating, easy operation and maintenance etc.

Control system: PLC intelligent control, adopt data conveying system, the controlling system is matched with safety control and diagnostic system, also have remote control function.

Mould matched: one machine can match different mould, if change mould can make different standard hollow brick, perforated brick, and cement standard brick.


Main data:

Model: QT-15 Block forming machine

Vibrating frequency: 4000-4800rpm

Exciting force: 22KN

Main power: 16kw

Molding cycle: 15-20s

Forming pcs: standard brick (390x190x190)     4pcs/mould

                    Standard brick (240x115x53)     26pcs/mould

                    Perforated brick (240x115x90)     12pcs/mould

Layer board standard: 900x600x25mm

Weight: 4000KG

Size: 1000x3500x2500mm

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