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R-100E-36 Rotary Oven


Function and features:

1. Lowest energy consumption

2014 latest technology rotary oven, we choose computer CAXA3D design system and CNC cutting and laser cutting and manufacture system. While ensure the high quality baking also pay more attention to the economic use and durable, and make the rotary oven reach to best energy-saving effect. Insulating layer choose good insulating high density superfine cotton sheet and with high tightness to reduce heat loss in maximum.

2. Environment protection

Diesel type or gas type or electricity type all choose special burning design to ensure the fuel burn completely, the exhausted air cleanness are higher than the international environment protection standard, the rotary oven all matched with high temperature resistance air exhauster and smog hood, so when the rotary oven door open, the waste gas can be exhausted quickly.

3. Intelligent control

The whole machine temperature, time and rotary system, burning system all choose continuous intelligent control to make the operation easier.

4. Wide application

This machine can be used to bake different bread, moon cake, cake, pastry, food etc, and the color are very balance and beautiful.

5. Double layer tempered glass

This rotary oven choose 2 layers glasses without air and 1 layer anti-radiation reflect light glass, this improved the rotary oven thermal insulation function. When the rotary oven inner temperature upto around 240℃, the outer glass highest temperature only around 45℃

Main data:

Model: R-100E-36 electric rotary oven (all stainless steel)

Power: 52kw/h (380v/50hz)

Productivity: 130kg/h

Plate size: 400x600mm

Layer: 18pcsx2

Overall size: 1950x1500x2400mm

Weight: 1400kgs

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