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roller wood peeling machine




This product is used in various wood stripping, which is the first choice alternative to manual peeling. It is widely used in pulp mills, paper mills and production net chip manufacturers. the materials requires the diameter from 3cm~~40cm, the machine can strip wood with diameter about50-400mm,  

It can meet a wide range of raw materials, applicable to the limb, curved, irregular wood in the wood, and raw materials stripped over 95% of the net rate, the device has a reasonable structure, easy operation, safe and reliable, easy maintenance, high efficiency work , is currently the alternative to the more advanced artificial stripping stripping equipment.

For the new cutting softwood and some hardwood for peeling treatment can also fulfill some of the frozen material, the dry wood of the peeling treatment.


Main data:


ITEM Capacity(kg/hour) MC size (cm) Weight(kg) Power
2000-1.9 500kgs~~800kgs 300x210 2000 11kw
3000-1.2 2000kgs 450×230 2300 15kw
3000-1.5 3000kgs 600X250 2800 18.5kw
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