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Double Stage crusher




Double-stage no-sieve crusher (Stage crusher) can be applied to crush different materials such as clay, gangue, shale, coal cinder, lime stone, construction waste, stone tailings, etc.



1. Double rotor to crush up and down.

There are two sets rotor connected working together, to make the materials crushed by up rotor hammer to be crushed again by down rotor hammer, while the inside materials to crush each other reversely, to realize the hammer to crush materials, materials to crush materials and then to be discharged.

2. No-sieve to grate bottom, so the highly wet materials not to be blocked.

The traditional crusher with sieve is not applied for materials moisture over 8%, while materials moisture over 10%, its very easy to be blocked and the materials can’t be discharged and hammer being weared continuously and even to burn the motor; While this no-sieve crusher have no requirement about the materials moisture, so there’s no materials too wet to block the sieve, no powder can’t be discharged and crushed repeatly, and no hammer invalid weared.

3. Unique both way adjustable clearance technology.

After the hammer being weared and have gap with the scale board to make the powder coarseness, the hammer can be moved from center to outer to reduce the gap with scale board and continue to be used, this way can reduce the cost. Also the machine is matched with hydraulic opening-closing cabinet, easy to maintenance and safety.


Main Data:


Model SF600x600 SF800x600
Feeding granularity ≤100mm ≤120mm
Discharging granularity ≤3mm(below 2mm over 85%)
Capacity 25-35t/h 40-60t/h
Materials moisture allowed rate <20% <20%
Power 22kw+30kw 45kw+55kw
Size 2700x1200x1750mm 3400x1310x2150mm
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