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SJ series conical double screw plastic extruders are special equipments which can extrude and mold by using various kinds PVC powders. Equipped with different kinds of molds and auxiliary machines, it can produce various PVC pipes, profiles, sheets, plates, bars and granulation.



1. Wide speed adjusting range, inverter duty ac motor, frequency control, and have strong production adaptability.

2. In structure choose sealed force system, and can endure strong axial force.

3. This machine choose good quality cycloidal pinwheel reducer.

4. This machine adopt cast aluminum heater with high efficiency and little temperature wave.

5. This machine adopt clip set of wind, when temperature too high it will cool automatically.


Main data:


Model: SJ-45 double-screw extruder

Diameter of screw: 45/100mm

Number of screw:2mm

Direction of screws: screw rotation direction

Screw rotation speed: 1-37rpm

Effective length of screw(mm): 985mm

Power of main engine:15kw

Barrel heating power: 12kw

Production capacity:95-120kg/h

Center height:1000mm


Weight: 2800kg

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