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Soybean peeler




STJ-system is a perfect product especially for soybean wet peeling which is after soaking.

STJ-system soybean wet peeling/dehulling working principle: add the soaked soybean into the hopper of this machine, and materials go through sieve then into peeling roller, the soybean skin will be peeled while rotating and rubbing, and also separate the skin from beans.

Function: easy operation, high output, high peeling rate and whole keeping rate, it’s the most ideal and advanced soybean wet peeling equipment in domestic,this equipment also can be used to peel peanut, broad bean, almond etc.


Technical data:


Model STJ-100 STJ-180
Capacity (kg/h) 120-150 180-200
Power (kw) 0.55 0.75
Peeling rate (%) 93-95%
Crushing rate (%) 1-3%
Whole-keeping rate(%) 50-60%
Overall size(mm) 1180x720x1100 1180x850x1100
Weight(kg) 200 250
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