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Sunflower seeds dehuller



Functions and Features

The sunflower seed processing line Model TK-1200 is a patent product of our Group.

This equipment provides an integral solution for sunflower seed kernels Industry. It combines cleaner, de-huller and separators so that the seeds can be processed without assistance of other machines.

There are two de-hullers applied in this equipment, which is more efficient than its previous models. It features of little broken rate and thoroughly separation of shells. All the processes are automatically fulfilled by just pressing a few buttons. The maintenance is quite easy as well as the operation.



There are totally 11 parts: feed-in hopper, spiral elevator, cleaner, bucket elevator, main de-hulling part, separators (3sets), in-shell seeds cycling system, kernel collecting trough and electric control cabinet.


Main Parameters

Model: TK-1200 sunflower seeds dehuller

Power:12.05Kw (380V, 50Hz)


Whole kernel: 90%Min (kernels that less than 1/2 whole kernels are broken)

Seeds in finished kernels:≤2%

Loss in the shells:≤0.3%

Occupied Area :13.7M×2.8M



Operator:2 persons

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