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1. It can be equipped with Automatic Adjustment System which can control the conditioner to stable work.

2. Main transmission is high definition gear driving, ring die is easy to discharged, be fixed by hope;

3. The bearing and oil seal in the main driven are imported and especially lubrication oil retum system is available to ensure reliable bearing lubrication;

4. The feeding parts adopt electromagnetic adjustable speed motor or frequency conversion adjustable speed motor. It can make the motor work under best condition;

5. Stainless steel doors and flume; stretching cutter has tick marks, easy to adjust, all safe overload devices and caution marks are completed.


Main data:


Model SZLH320 SZLH350 SZLH400 SZLH420 SZLH508
Output(t/h) 1-3 1.5-3.5 2-4 2.5-5 3-8
Power(kw) 37 75/90 75/90 90/110 110/132/160
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