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TQSF Gravity Selector/Destoner




TQSF Gravity Selector works for continuous separation of stone from a stream of grain and grades the cereal grains in light and heavy parts. This machine has a work surface with two sieves: the first divides the flow of wheat into light and heavy parts; the second separates the foreign bodies with specific weights higher than that of grain, such as stone and bit of glass and metal.

TQSF destoner should match fan, airlock, cyclone and some pipes to match a whole set.


Main specification:

Model: TQSF60

Screen surface width: 60cm

Capacity (T/H): 2-3t/h

Aspirating capacity: 4000m3/h

Power: 2X0.25kw

Weight: 280kg

Size: 1450mm×870mm×1800mm

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