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Four-head vacuum liquid filling machine is one of our most economic filling machine with pure pneumatic equipment and no need power, its especially can be used to fill small dose liquid product such as perfume, floral water, etc , it's a perfect choice to match a whole line or for single use.

VIC-L4 filling machine adopt vacuum fixing liquid level filling principle, so no matter the bottle volume same or not, the filling liquid level will keep accordance. This series filling machine is easy to operate, just to put it under the filling head or control through footboard can realize the filling.



1. Vacuum fixing liquid level filling system;

2. Pure pneumatic, and in accordance with anti-explosion requirement.

3. Matched with materials return barrel with auto drainage system.

4. No serious requirement about the bottle appearance and consistency.

5. Simple structure with easy operation and maintenance.

6. Applicable for small dose liquid product filling.

7. No need power and economic.



Model: VIC-L4 vacuum filling machine

Pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Liquid level precision: ±1mm

Viscosity scope: max. applicable viscosity 20Cps(static viscosity)

Capacity: 50bottle/minute

Bottle height: ≤250mm

Bottleneck dia: ≤ф4.5mm-ф35mm

Adjustable liquid level height (to bottleneck):15-50mm

Air exhaust speed: 5.5L/second

Size (not including reservoir): 660x470x1330mm

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