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Vertical Pellet Packing Machine





This packing machine can be applied to pack extruded food, peanut, melon seeds and granule goods as well as strip and flake goods such as QQ candy and cookies.



1. Optimal design, stable performance and simple operation;

2. It has strong expanding functions and can be connected with bag linking and inflating device to meet the demand of different products;

3. Reasonable structure results in easy assembly and dismantling and convenient cleaning;

4. It can finish bag making, measuring, sealing, cutting, date printing and product output in one operation.


Technical data:

Model: HP-160A vertical packer

Packing speed: 10-40bags/min

Power: 2kw (220v/50hz)

Packing materials: OPP/CPP, OPP/CE MST/PE PET/PE etc.

Max width of film roll: 320mm

Bag making size: (L) 50-200mm, (W)40-150mm

Thickness of packing film: 0.05-0.08mm

Measuring range: 15-400ml

Overall size: 980mmx680mmx1650mm

Weight: 350kg

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