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Pellet packing machine



Applicable scope:

Used for continuous automatic quantitative packing of such particle materials as wheat, corn, rice, malt, oil plants, seed, chemical fertilizer, feedstock , bean residue and so on.


Functions and Features:

Integrate feeding material, weighting, bag clipping, bag packing, conveying and sealing.

Automatic pack reduction and automatic calibration during the weighing each time.

Have functions such as long-range controlling and trouble diagnosing, repairing, ultra difference alarms and so on.

Adopt gravity feeding method internally inside the package to ensure high matering accuracy and fast packing speed.

24-bit fast A/D converter and intelligent digital filtering technology, strong anti-interference, fast and stable.

Weight meter adopts aluminum alloy enclosure, with high anti-interference performance and simple operation.

Double CPU construction, with power down data protection inside the unit.

Full enclosure design, negative pressure operation inside the unit, without dust escape, with clean environment


Technical data:


Model VIC-B25 VIC-B50
Weighting range(kg/bag) 10-25 20-50
Capacity(bag/h) 150-200bags 200-250bags
Accuracy level 0.2
Allowable error <=±0.2%
Auxiliary air supply Pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Consumption: 0.3m3/min
Auxiliary power supply AC220V±15%(50HZ3-7A)
Auxiliary motive force 1.8kw
Working temperature -20℃-40℃
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