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VIC-282 oil press



Application and features:

1. This oil press machine is a new type temperature control oil press, it can be applied to press different oilseeds such as sesame, peanut, rapeseeds, soya, sunflower seeds etc.

2. This oil press machine can press oilseeds once fully with fast speed, save time and labor, can be applied to small medium oil factory.

3. This oil press machine is with high oil output rate which will be 3% higher than common oil press.


Oil output rate:


Item Oil output rate(%) Cake thickness(mm) Oil residue in cake(%)
Sesame 46-52 1.0-1.5 ≤5
Peanut 40-50 0.8-2.0 ≤5
Rapeseeds 30-42 1.0-1.5 ≤6
Sunflowerseeds 30-38 1.2-1.5 ≤6


Main data:

Model: VIC-282 temperature-control oil press

Capacity: 100-150kg/h

Power: 5kw(380v/50hz)

Oil output rate:43-52%

Size: 1250x1200x950mm

Weight: 260kg


Model: VIC-298-I temperature-control oil press

Capacity: 200-250kg/h

Power: 7.5kw (380v/50hz)

Oil output rate: 43-52%

Size: 1550x1300x1200mm



Model: VIC-298-II temperature-control oil press

Capacity: 250-300kg/h

Power: 11kw (380v/50hz)

Oil output rate: 43-52%

Size: 1750x1300x1200mm

Weight: 510kg

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