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Waste Oil Refinery


Raw materials can be used to refine:

Waste plastic, waste rubber such as waste plastic film, mulch, woven bags, packaging bags, packaging foam, waste PE, waste PP, waste PS, waste PVC, waste PET, waste heavy oil, waste engine oil, waste tire, waste electronic shell, waste sole, waste barrel etc.

Equipment feature:

1. On the design of the main equipment cracking processor, it overcome the disadvantage of vertical bottom cracking processor heating unevenly, easy break, low capacity, short life etc, the main equipment adopt horizontal rotary structure, with 0.4rpm.

2. The equipment is with fast practical feeding system and environs protection dregs system.

3. High efficiency gas recycling burring system. During the refining, when the heated gas reaches 150 degree, it will produce a lot gas methane, butane which is not easily to be liquidation in normal pressure and normal temperature. These gas return to hearth and fully burned by specified designed gas nozzle, and produced a lot heat to save fuel.

4. Chimney flue dedusting system is desulfuration deduster, and matched with both side water impact type cyclone deduster which can ensure the discharging of the chimney outlet in accordance with national discharging standard.

Technical data:

Model number VIC-15 VIC-18 VIC-20
Raw material Waste plastic, waste rubber, etc
Structure Horizontal type rotate
Daily capacity 5T 8T 10T
Working pressure Normal pressure
Main body speed 0.4 rpm 0.4 rpm 0.4 rpm
Cooling method Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Installation method Have base Have base Have base
Voice db(A) Less than 85 Less than 85 Less than 85
Working method Batch-type Batch-type Batch-type
Main machine size 4500x2200x2200 5000x2200x2200 6000x2200x2200
Main machine CBM 15 CBM 18CBM 22CBM
Main machine weight 4.6t 5t 5.5t
Installation time 12 days 12 days 12 days
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